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All Makes and Models – From the Tires to the Tailpipe...

Most “services” pages contain a long list of services offered. To save you the trouble of looking for what you need, we'll just say this: If it's on your car or truck, and if it's not a painted exterior body part, we can work on it. That includes every mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system on your automobile. All makes and models - from the tires to the tail pipe.

At our shop we focus our attention on YOU, the customer. Every customer is different, and their needs are different. Many shops have only one way to do things; it's usually the most expensive way. We believe there is often more than one “best way” to fix something, and it's based on your situation. We give you the choice. We try to keep your costs down as much as possible - we don't put on “extra parts” that you don't really need. When you have multiple or recurring problems, we only charge diagnostic fees the first time.

The great majority of our customers are long-term customers. They keep coming back because they trust us to do the right thing. We welcome new customers - We promise to take care of your car like it was our own, so you don't have to worry about paying for parts and services you don't need, or not getting the care your car deserves.

Appointments are recommended but we will also accept walk-ins as our schedule permits. Certain services can be performed while you wait. Almost all of our jobs can be done the same day you bring the car in.
Please feel free to use our after hours key drop box or arrange for an after hours pick up.

Your Car Dealer Alternative

We are authorized to perform the required maintenance on your new vehicle to keep your new car warranty in effect! We can perform all scheduled maintenance operations, and keep your maintenance log up to date. This protects your new care warranty and the resale value of your car.

We honor all extended warranties – whether purchased at your car dealer, a used car lot, or directly by you. Just bring in your extended warranty paperwork and contract, and we will make the arrangements.

Car manufacturers require that factory warranty work be provided by a dealership. However, we can handle all non-warranty service and repair, providing you with first rate service at a favorable price. We'll be happily let you know when you have an issue that can be handled under your factory warranty, and we'll even work with the dealership to help you get the most out of your warranty.

See the list below for the types of vehicles we work on.

Used Car Inspections

If you are buying a used car, chances are there is something that might need fixed – if not now, then just down the road. We think you should go into a used car purchase with both eyes open. We offer a wide range of inspections for used cars, starting with a free inspection for major problems, all the way to a full inspection including engine and transmission condition. Every car is different, and every situation is unique. We'll work with you to do as much or as little as you want us to do.


We work on a lot of pickups. But we also work on dump trucks, farm trucks, bucket trucks, small trucks, service trucks, panel trucks, fuel-hauling trucks, box trucks, and even an occasional fire truck.

Commercial Fleet Vehicles

We have several commercial customers that we take pride in serving. When your business relies on automotive transportation, you can depend on us so that your customers can depend on you! We know that your vehicle makes you money, so we try to get you back on the road when something is down, and then keep you there. We will follow the factory authorized maintenance schedule for your specific make and model to help you maintain your vehicle's warranty coverage and extend the life of your vehicle. We will work with extended warranty programs so that we can be your exclusive service provider. We will do everything possible to get your commercial vehicle back to you as soon as possible. We offer credit accounts for commercial accounts.

Performance, Classics, and Car Accessories

We offer performance and accessories ranging from Cat-back exhaust systems, to wheels, to truck accessories. RTC has years of experience building and racing cars. Both of our lead technicians have built and raced their own cars, from drag cars to stock cars. We offer custom exhaust work and add-ons ranging from new wheels to extra chrome. We also have several customers who allow us the privilege to work on their classic vehicles.

Farm Vehicles

Richwood has a proud heritage of farming, and we are pleased to count the area farmers as some of our best customers. We will work on all sorts of farm trucks to keep “old bessy” running. We'll do some of the heavier jobs on older trucks that a lot of shops just won't do.


We do wiring and brake work on trailers, ranging from small utility trailers up to large gooseneck stock trailers, horse trailers, and camping trailers. Of course we also sell trailer tires.

Campers and RV's

We have numerous customers with big or small motor homes that we routinely service and take care of the mechanical repairs.

Everything Else

Once in a while we've even been known to work on tractors, mowers, weed whips, motorcycles, ATVs, skid loaders, forklifts, and even a “pig bus” (that's just what it sounds like). We don't actively pursue or advertise this kind of work, but if a customer asks us to do something, we'll do it if we can. Can we fix everything? Well, not quite; we'll do what we can do, but we'll refer you to a more appropriate shop if we see something we just can't do, or if it would be better to go somewhere else.

If you would still like to see a list of services, click the link to see a partial list of Services Offered. If it's automotive related, and you don't see it, just ask....

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