Our Mission...

To be the very best automotive repair shop that you know. “Best” has different meanings to different people, and that's why we're willing to work with you, the customer, to try to exceed your expectations. People's needs in auto care are different. Some customers just want to keep their car running, and want to spend the minimum amount possible. Others want to keep their car in “like new” condition regardless of the cost of repairs. Some customers even have one of each! We take pride in working with your needs and your budget to fix your car the “best” way – for you. Above all, we provide honest, quality service at fair prices.

We Treat Your Car Like Our Own...

Richwood Tire & Auto is your one-stop automotive repair center, serving Richwood and the surrounding area (click here for the areas we service). We are family owned and operated since 1982, and currently there are 3 of us working full time with over 60 years of combined expertise repairing cars. If you are looking for honest and careful attention for your vehicle, then come to see us. When we say that we treat your car like our own, that means we want to take care of it in the best way possible. We want your car to be fixed right, the first time, but we don't put on parts that you don't need “just to make sure”. You can be sure that your car gets fixed to the best of our ability, getting you back on the road fast, without worrying about spending money on services and parts you don't really need.

All Makes and Models From the Tires to the Tailpipe...

We are a full-service auto repair center. We work on everything from cars to medium duty trucks to RVs (even an occasional lawn mower or ATV!). We do everything including major and minor mechanical and electrical repair, as well as tires and alignment. Click here for a list of services that we offer.

We have many families and commercial accounts that rely on us to keep their autos running. We pride ourselves that no job is too small or too large – if you need it done, we'll try our best to do it!

Our Goal is Your Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on customer service. We try to do everything we can to make your auto repair experience as painless as possible. No one likes to have their car break down and to spend money to have it repaired – but wouldn't you rather have it repaired somewhere you know you'll get an honest deal, and to have the problem and the repairs explained to you so you can understand them? Wouldn't you rather work with someone who will work with you, the customer?

When we work on your car, we do extra things at no charge, like oil the door hinges that have been squeaking, re-attach that plastic that's been hanging down in the front, lube the hood release that's been hard to open, and tighten that loose door handle that's been bugging you. We treat your car like it was our own.